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The Invisible Children Tsunami – Eleven Days Later

Eleven days after the world became aware of the StopKony video, I still believe in the Invisible Children cause. Having watched the video. Having listened to, and investigated the concerns that some raised. Having watched the Official video reply. Having watched an interview on Piers Morgan Tonight. Having listened to/read the words of influential people… Continue Reading

Joseph Kony and Doubters

As quickly as it came on the scene, people have started grumbling about the Joseph Kony “Kony2012” campaign. The video was filmed over a succession of years, so, just like the hairstyles, some stuff is going to change. Yes, Kony is no longer in Uganda, where he ruled the roost for many years. (It says… Continue Reading

Joseph Kony 2012

The video below is about the most-wanted criminal in the world. NOBODY KNOWS HIS NAME. There are some brief shocking images in this video… but when you watch it, the most shocking thing was that I had no idea that one man could cause so much death, despair and horror… and still be anonymous. Please watch the… Continue Reading

Election 2011…

As some of you will know, I have been helping to run a campaign during this Federal Election. From the icon on my Twitter Avi, to my tweets, it hasn’t been hard for people to find out that I am a Liberal… however, I have kept my Blog out of it… feeling that this was… Continue Reading

Kiva – Loans That Change Lives…

In the past few days, a few different people have asked me about Kiva Microloans, so I thought I would write it up in a blog. Lorie (@Loriegray on Twitter) and I have been members since September 2008. Before that, we partnered with Heifer, an Organization that helps folks supply agricultural stock… (Bees, Bunnies, Goats,… Continue Reading

Kateslem Walk To Protect Kids…

This coming Friday, in Coquitlam, an after school program will be taking to the streets, to raise funds and awareness of their program. Kateslem is an after school program that tries to ensure quality learning opportunities for vulnerable youth. The program is currently being run out of Banting and Como Lake Middle Schools. You can… Continue Reading

Pepsi Is Giving Away Cash To Worthy Groups…

I will admit it… I’m not much of a Cola guy. I never really “bought into” the Cola War… I thought that the amounts of money being thrown around were ridiculous. Apparently, Pepsi also believes that there is a better use for their advertising dollars, because they are taking some serious money, and trying to do good… Continue Reading