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Castle – A Great TV Show

Various sources have been nattering on at me about Nathan Fillion, for a long time. A while back, there was a promotion at a store, where I got a free Castle Season 1 DVD. As a mid-season replacement, the Castle TV Show came in, with a short season. Being sick with a cold, I blasted… Continue Reading

Giving Thanks

It being Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, it seemed like an appropriate time to “take stock” and give thanks.* Thanks to the weatherman, for the sunshine, and for making us believe it is August in October. Thanks to Mom Nature, for giving me a reason (and the option) of going outside to rake up crunchy leaves… Continue Reading

Pride Day

Today is Pride Day in a lot of cities. I am not a member of the LGBTQ community, but I talk about it a lot, because (in my opinion) the more things are discussed… the more they become accepted and “normal”. A new, wonderful and inclusive normal. My parents always taught us to never judge… Continue Reading

To The Thawing Wind

Come with rain. O loud Southwester! Bring the singer, bring the nester; Give the buried flower a dream; make the settled snowbank steam; Find the brown beneath the white; But whate’er you do tonight, bath my window, make it flow, Melt it as the ice will go; Melt the glass and leave the sticks Like… Continue Reading

Share And Show The Love

Happy Valentine’s Day !!! Today, as we share the joys and love… might be a good time to give a gift of something new and different.  A microloan… For instance, a Kiva Gift Card. You donate $25 to a person somewhere in the world… (you choose who, through the Kiva projects list) … and they get… Continue Reading

Protests And Making Change

Protests and creating awareness can take a lot of different forms. From the “Occupy” folk, who physically place themselves into a place to draw attention… to changing an everyday item to reach and create a grassroots awareness. Neither is “better”, each is effective in its own way. Last night I came across a very subtle… Continue Reading


This morning, I had a flashback to my Elementary School days. I never particularly cared for school, as I was a shy, unathletic, short, scrawny glasses-wearing kid, and until my teens, when I started doing Judo, and working a job, was one of the skinniest rail-thin young boys. But, while watching The Rosie Show this… Continue Reading