“Legend Of The Tooth Fairy” – A Children’s Adventure Story

Today is the first of December, and the beginning of the Holiday shopping season… that time of year, when parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are starting to look for gifts for the children in their lives.

Legend of the Tooth Fairy - Fireside Stories Publishing - BobBlahBlah.comSome friends of mine have written a children’s adventure story, revolving around the Tooth Fairy, Dragons and their interactions with humans, led by the young boy, Garth and his group of friends.  Written by Bruce Kilby and Ken Johnson, and illustrated by Sean Cannon, the “Legend Of The Tooth Fairy“, is 239 pages full of a fantastic and engaging children’s adventure story… for less than $20!!!

The book is available through

Fireside Stories Publishing,

and available from Bruce,

at events in Langley, BC…

or you can purchase it

online through Amazon.

If you are in the Vancouver area, there will be a number of events in the Fraser Valley.  You can find the details on Bruce’s Fireside Stories Publishing website

The artwork on the Chapter Plates are, to me, striking reminders of the type of books I grew up reading.  Below is the Dragon illustration that kicks off Chapter Five.

Legend of the Tooth Fairy - Chapter Plate - Fireside Stories Publishing - BobBlahBlah.comIf you are looking for a great gift for a younger reader, Legend Of The Tooth Fairy might just fit the bill!

Happy shopping!!!



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