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Family Is A “Relative” Thing

The word “Family” means different things, to different people. My parents emigrated to Canada in 1956, from Scotland.  They didn’t know anyone here, but my Uncle John in Liverpool had traveled the world, working on ships, and his endorsement of the beautiful city on the Pacific, tipped the scales for Vancouver over Montreal.  Dad thought… Continue Reading

Surfacing – A Novel

Jim McGregor, a long-time Langley citizen and community stalwart has teamed up with Natasha Jones, a Langley reporter to write and publish their first novel: ‘Surfacing’. Jim sent this note out to a few friends: If you are looking for some exciting summer time reading, my writing partner, Natasha Jones, long time Langley reporter, and… Continue Reading

Special Characters

I don’t know about you, but I have a terrible time remembering keyboard shortcuts to make “Special Characters”. There are only two I can usually remember, just because I use them so much: Holding down the [ALT] key, and then typing the number 0169, when you release the [ALT] key, results in a Copyright symbol…… Continue Reading

Tim Horton’s Camp Day 2013

Hard to believe another year has flown by, and this Wednesday, June 5th is Tim Horton’s Camp Day 2013 !!! (The one day of the year when I *ALWAYS* switch from tea to coffee !!!) This Wednesday, head to your local participating Tim Horton’s and buy a coffee to support sending kids to Tim Horton’s… Continue Reading

Provincial Election 2013

Whenever an Election (at any Governmental level) rolls around, I always think of my Dad. He was a life-long radio producer (BBC Radio, United Church Broadcasting, CKWX & CBC) who LOVED the politics of the day. I’m not sure what he would think of today’s brand of politics, but that isn’t what this post is… Continue Reading

Friends In Need Food Bank’s Most Wanted

Yesterday, as I was shopping at our local Save-On Foods, I came across a small laminated notice on the shelf, under the Peanut Butter. The sign was small enough, and the print tiny enough, that it was almost invisible, amongst the bright and gaudy labels on the jars, but as I bent to read it,… Continue Reading

Pink Shirt Day

Today is Pink Shirt Day. A day, dedicated to wearing pink shirts as a way of drawing attention to the issue of bullying. You can find out more details about Pink Shirt Day, and how it started, on their website: Over the past few days, there have been a number of people in the… Continue Reading

Upside Downton Abbey

As everyone who follows me on Twitter knows (and if you aren’t a follower, why dontcha ???) I am a big Downton Abbey fan. We got hooked, and wait with bated breath for each episode… trying desperately to avoid the spoilers on Social Media. And, today, I came across the Sesame Street version of Downton… Continue Reading

Castle – A Great TV Show

Various sources have been nattering on at me about Nathan Fillion, for a long time. A while back, there was a promotion at a store, where I got a free Castle Season 1 DVD. As a mid-season replacement, the Castle TV Show came in, with a short season. Being sick with a cold, I blasted… Continue Reading