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Longmire by Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson is an American writer who created the Sheriff Walt Longmire series of novels. I came across them, by way of the Arts and Entertainment (A&E) TV series, (and later seasons on Netflix). Longmire, is based on Johnson’s books, with a few minor changes. The series is built around the character of Walt Longmire,… Continue Reading

MyVegas Game on Facebook

Recently, our family took a trip to Las Vegas, to celebrate my nieces 21st Birthday. While we were there, I saw a LOT of advertising at MGM Resort properties for a game called MyVegas, which (unlike most Casino games) is played on Facebook. The difference being, that MyVegas is a Facebook game, played to win… Continue Reading

Spirit Day

Today is Spirit Day… Recently we all heard about cyber-bullying causing a teen to commit suicide… And we all rally around the sentiment “It Gets Better” But does it ? Tonight, I am watching on twitter, as adults spew venomous vitriol on Whoopi Goldberg, (@WhoopiGoldberg)  for her question to Ann Romney on The View, about… Continue Reading

Giving Thanks

It being Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, it seemed like an appropriate time to “take stock” and give thanks.* Thanks to the weatherman, for the sunshine, and for making us believe it is August in October. Thanks to Mom Nature, for giving me a reason (and the option) of going outside to rake up crunchy leaves… Continue Reading

Rogers Wireless – Good, Bad And Indifferent

Recently, I’ve had a LOT of interactions with the folks at Rogers Wireless.   To say my experiences have been uneven, would be an understatement. I am a Blackberry guy… One of those die-hards that love our phones, and cling to them with a fear that an Android or I-Phone user will somehow snatch it from… Continue Reading

Pride Day

Today is Pride Day in a lot of cities. I am not a member of the LGBTQ community, but I talk about it a lot, because (in my opinion) the more things are discussed… the more they become accepted and “normal”. A new, wonderful and inclusive normal. My parents always taught us to never judge… Continue Reading

Printer Tray Coffee Table

Recently, my wife and I found an old dining room table that was (pun intended) on its last legs. The beautiful character of the wood and gorgeous patina were two things that drew us to it. The warps, wanes and antique hardware were some of the challenges. We cut the legs down, made the sides… Continue Reading

Northern Voice 2012

This past Friday and Saturday, I attended Northern Voice: a Blogging and Social Media Conference in Vancouver. This year, the organizers moved the venue from UBC to the newly renovated Woodwards Building, now called W2.  Kudos to them for a great change.  The rooms were better suited to the crowd, and the wifi (for a… Continue Reading