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Today was one of “those” days. Regardless of where I went, or what I did… The people immediately in front of me were beset by problems.
At the bank, there was a gent ahead of me, who was (apparently) transacting the whole year’s business for his medium-sized country.
At the pharmacy, the individual ahead of me needed some sort of celestial alignment to occur simultaneously with his purchase of a very convoluted, yet enormously precise selection of lottery tickets. Throw in a new cash register system, and you can see how I spent a fun hour in line.
A couple of other similar stops, with the same kind of “luck.” None of these events were, by themselves, remarkable. But after spending three hours, on what would (on a “regular” day) take 20 minutes, I felt I needed to stop the merry-go-round… And hit pause on the frantic for a few minutes.
As it happened, I was on Lougheed at 226th, right by a place I had been wanting to get to for a while, so I pulled in and took a breather.
Bean Around Books is located at 22626 Lougheed Highway in Maple Ridge.
They sell used books, coffee, and loose leaf tea.

Bean Around Books - Maple Ridge
They offer a nice seating area, free wifi, and it looks like they support local artists (from the art on the wall.)
Dan Ruimy, who runs the place, is very knowledgable about authors, and while I was lamenting the recent passing of Robert B. Parker, (one of my favourite authors,) he was able to suggest a couple of series of books for me to try.
Add a great selection of tea blends, and my day was quickly back on track.

Whether you are looking for a caffeine pick me up… or a book you can’t put down… Bean Around Books might be the best place for you !!!

You can find more info on their website at

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  1. Sandi on September 2, 2011 at 5:06 am

    I’ve noticed the sign, wondered about it. Good to know what you thought … I’ll check it out!
    Agree about losing Robert B. Parker, he’s also one of my favorites!!
    (btw – Glad to see you back blogging, have missed you!)

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