Cat-astrophic Week…

Bailey, right after his IV was reconnectedOne of our furry “children” had a rough week this week, as a result of a blocked bladder.

He has been in a succession of Vet’s Offices, starting with the Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley, an after hours clinic we took Bailey to on Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning, we transferred him to our regular wonderful Vets at East Ridge Animal Hospital, in Maple Ridge.

He’s been there since, and been getting great care… as always !!!

Bailey on a suitcase

Bailey on a suitcase

We’re about an hour away from what we HOPE will be a home-coming for him… and I was just downloading some pictures, and so I thought I would share some… because I AM a crazy cat person !!!

Barnum - Catastrophic Week - BobBlahBlah.comAnd, because I am an equally loving kitty Dad, here is a picture of Barnum, just being cute!




  1. Tricia on April 18, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Our hearts are with you hoping for a successful recovery for Bailey! He must be VERY happy to be back home again.

  2. carolbrowne on April 19, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    Oh noes! Poor Bailey! I hope he’s back to his old self, soon. Poor little guy.

    Is your vet Dr. Loff? He was very good to our old pooch, Moosh. That was her vet. I would recommend that vet hospital to ANYONE. They are great over there!

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