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Tonight I had one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

For my Birthday, Hayley and Chloe (two of my nieces) and my Sister-In-Law Shelley, bought me a Groupon for the Fly Zone Bodyflight.

At first, I wasn’t sure WHAT I was being given… and then I remembered that I had seen something on Rick Mercer a few years back.

Turns out they put a really high powered fan underneath a plexiglass tube, and you can “fly”!!!

(Effectively, it is like parachuting, but instead of jumping out of an airplane, you start on the “ground”, and get blown up.)

With all our busy schedules, it was tough to get an evening when we were all available, but tonight was the night.

Two words:


(Yeah, I know… usually one word, but that is just how much of a wild experience this was.)

We arrived, handled the paperwork transfer, signed the disclaimer, and got a chance to watch some other video bloggers who were in the group ahead of us.

What was really amazing was watching the staff have a blast, doing flips, barrel rolls, sailing up, and swooping down.

Just like birds.

After a while, the rest of our group assembled, and we were taken into a small room with a sort of a pommel horse/vaulting box in the middle… (sorry for that ugly gym class flashback) … and we were told about the proper “flying” position, what we should TRY to do… and what the hand signals were, for when we were NOT flying correctly.

(Because of the noise from the fan engine, and the earplugs worn under the helmet, even shouted instructions would be unheard, so thus, the hand signals.)

Fly Zone BodyFlight - Hey, I'm Flying - BobBlahblah.comAfter the quick lesson, we zipped into our flight suits, put in the ear protection, put on goggles, pulled a helmet on, and we were set to go.

Standing even a few feet away, you have no sense of the power of the fan.  You just get a sense that it is loud.

You start off lying, face down, on your stomach, with your chin up, your hands in front of you, and your feet off the ground.

Then the fan starts up, and you suddenly aren’t having to hold your feet and hands up… they stay that way.

And you also suddenly notice that your stomach isn’t on the ground any more.

You’re flying !!!

For beginners, like everyone in our group, there are two instructors in the tunnel with you.  One on each side.  Our flight suits come with handles, so they can “guide” us through the flight… but the goal they have is to get you flying with enough stability, that you can “solo”… fly without them holding on.

Hayley and Chloe did much better than I did.

We signed up for the deluxe package, which includes two sessions of two minutes each time.  (Normally a $99 value.)By our second go, each of us had figured it out a little better… (again, the girls, more than I) …but the second session was after dark, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Below is some video Lorie shot from the first session:

And some shots taken by the folks at Fly Zone:

Fly Zone BodyFlight - Hey, I'm Flying -

If you want one of the best experiences of your life, call the folks at Fly Zone Bodyflight.Fly Zone BodyFlight - Hey, I'm Flying -

They are located at 7150 Tilbury Road, Delta, BC, and are open Wednesday to Sunday.

It is both literally and figuratively… a BLAST !!!

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  1. Sandi on October 1, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Now THAT’s the way to celebrate a Birthday!!! Good for you!

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