Giving Thanks

It being Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, it seemed like an appropriate time to “take stock” and give thanks.*

Thanks to the weatherman, for the sunshine, and for making us believe it is August in October.

Thanks to Mom Nature, for giving me a reason (and the option) of going outside to rake up crunchy leaves and breathe in the fresh, warm air.

Thanks to Lorie’s family for sharing wonderful meals and evenings of fun, warmth and laughter.

Thanks to my family for always being there, even when they’re not right here.

Thanks to friends (both IRL and online) for their friendship, thoughts, debates, discussions and (on this weekend) good wishes.

Thanks to my clients, who took a chance on a one-guy start-up, and trusted both my opinions and my work ethic.

Thanks to my partners, for trusting me with their projects and ideas.

Corona Beer - Giving Thanks - BobBlahBlah.comThanks to the folks at Corona for making “La Cerveza Mas Fina” (…and curse them for it going down so quickly after a hot afternoon, outside)

There are many others, who I thank for the value and richness they bring to my life.

But mostly, I thank my sweetie for being my best friend, and always being able to laugh, even when the wind is blowing a gale.

Hope everyone has a great (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend !!!

* The list isn’t complete, but heavily influenced by the last 24 hours and two beers that went down FAR too quickly. : )



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