Must. Watch. TV…

It is absolutely FRANTIC out there…

There are Olympics on the TV… something like 22 different options for my Cable and Online viewing, and that doesn’t even start to include the ancillary “un-official” stations, reporting the events that have already happened.

Skeleton is happening at the same time as Super G, while the Curling is going on, and I haven’t been to Heineken House yet !!!


I feel like I need to switch to decaf, but there is JUST NO TIME !!!

I don’t want to miss anything, but I also am starting to realize that it is a delicate balancing act of watching, partying and just “being”…

I have been trying to cram SO much in, that I am starting to feel pressured… and that’s not fun.


Gonna take a deep breath… have a small dram of scotch… and kick back with some (but not all) of the hundreds of hours of viewing I have taped on the PVR.

See you around Town, tomorrow !

You’ll know me… I’ll be the one in Red.

Cheers !!!

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  1. Heather Crosthwaite on February 20, 2010 at 7:03 am

    “Super fan[atic]” you rock! Go Canada Go!

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