My Toughest Day Is Nothing By Comparison…

I think we all do it.

Sometimes, from where we stand, life seems to be sloping up hill.  In all directions.

In the mist above our heads, we can see the ground continuing up, even as it disappears from sight.

And that is fine… I think we all know that without the depth of the valleys, the exultations at the peak, might not taste so sweet.

I, for one, would not like to live a life, reflected as a prairie landscape.  Flat, and seemingly without end… feature… or relief.

I am a lucky man.

I have a wonderful wife… great family and friends… a beautiful home in a nice community. 

Not a lot to complain about.


I feel like I’ve been at the bottom of a valley, and have been looking for a way up, for a while now.

I’m getting frustrated at my lack of progress.

Not for lack of trying… but I just haven’t found the way, yet.

So, I found myself, sitting at my computer, catching up on a week’s worth of “I’ll get to that soon” correspondence.

And I came across this video.

I’ve seen it before, and have heard a lot about the story.

It shook me out of my “poor me” doldrums… and gave me a fresh look at my surroundings.

As I look out the window, the tree above my new deck is about to burst into bloom.  There is a beautiful bird, making a crazy loud chirping.  I think possibly he’s goading one of my cats, who is probably sitting in another window.  I am heading out shortly to meet some new friends for Tea.

The bottom of the valley has it’s own beauty, that I should take in and enjoy… while I am on my journey to the next peak.

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  1. Tricia on March 28, 2010 at 3:43 pm


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