Spirit Day

Purple Square - Spirit Day - BobBlahBlah.comToday is Spirit Day…

Recently we all heard about cyber-bullying causing a teen to commit suicide…

And we all rally around the sentiment “It Gets Better”

But does it ?

Tonight, I am watching on twitter, as adults spew venomous vitriol on Whoopi Goldberg, (@WhoopiGoldberg)  for her question to Ann Romney on The View, about the Mormon faith, and asking to clarify whether the faith precluded Mitt Romney or his five sons from military service.

She is being attacked, not with reason or argument, but with the blunt force of hate and vile insults.

I don’t know that we can say “It Gets Better”… I just think the venue changes for the playground bully, who, after graduation, can go online and throw stones from the safety of an anonymous twitter or facebook account.

Cyber-bullying is not something restricted to any particular age, religion or political view… but the rules have to change.

I do not like censorship.

But I dislike HATE SPEAK more.



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