Shades Of Gray…

Bob Gray - BobSongs - BobBlahBlah.comSo, let’s get it RIGHT out of the way… I have Gray hair.

Genetically, my physical appearance comes from the Buchanan Clan. I come from a long line of short people, with dark deepset eyes, and black-brown hair, that starts to go gray, then white, in our early 20’s.

I’ve put it out there, and I embrace it… It’s my history… It’s who I am, and the road map that makes up my Genetic Being.

My Genetic Being just got back from a vacation in Las Vegas, where my wife and I had a great time… but we happened to be there at the same time as a large contingent of convention-goers.

The Convention, as I found out later, was the AARP.

The AARP, is the American Association of Retired People.

I believe in Random Acts of Kindness, and helping out where I can… and there were numerous opportunities on our trip, to help folks by explaining touch screens on slot machines, I helped a lady with a bank machine that she wasn’t able to understand, I took a bunch of group photos. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but my parents raised me to jump to help when I see someone who could use assistance. I want, nor expect kudos… It’s just the right thing to do.

My wife and I were, however, taken aback, when a stranger, OLDER THAN US, on an elevator ride, asked “Are you here with the AARP Conference ?” We said “No”, and at that point, arrived at his floor. We wished him well with his stay, and after the doors closed… looked at each other.

My wife is a wonderful caring, loving lady, and I am her only child… a 47 year old, juvenile delinquent who, on a regular basis, embarrases his nieces, and takes friends outside their comfort zones.

I am far from mature, and waaaay far from retired.

Still smarting from that encounter, I returned home a few days later… and as is my custom on Twitter, I sent out a few #FollowFriday Tweets. One of them, was a 30 Year Old whose comments I found amusing. She sent me back a “Thank you, Sir” tweet. So, I, being an escapee from Juvenile Hall, of course replied… “You’re welcome, Ma’am”

OUCH !!!

I have a healthy belief that we should respect our Elders, and have reverence for the Aged.


I also believe that, while I am (apparently) middle aged, I have done nothing to deserve reverence from folks younger, nor should I be receiving undue respect from folks who are older than I am !!!

I am not yet setting off airport Metal Detectors with my Iron Supplements… nor am I using furniture or bedding with motors to “help me” get comfortable and increase circulation. I do not own a scooter. I do not seek to eat dinner in the middle of the afternoon. I have never asked “those darn kids” to turn down their music… (although my wife has often asked me “What the %$#% are you listening to ?!?”)

I feel that my actions and my attitude reflect my younger self… by which I mean no disrespect to our older citizens… I just ain’t ONE OF THEM !!!

I guess my problem is the opposite of what Rodney Dangerfield (young kids say “who ?”) used to say…

I get TOO MUCH respect !!!