As some of you know, I had some issues with my webhosting a few weeks ago, and because of this, my Blog was down for quite a few days.

Because of this, I was looking for a new “home” to host my Blog, which I have found at BillyHost.

The guy on the other end of the phone is a local guy, who answers the phone and likes working with people.

At the same time, I’m helping a few friends, organizations and associates out, by getting Blogs and webpages up and running, for them.

Control PanelI have to be honest, although I am an old HTML hound, the world of WordPress and Blogs was new to me, until a few months ago.

It is surely amazing to me, how easy the WordPress folks have made the installation of their product.

It is choosing a Theme (the Blog design) getting the appropriate Widgets (the tools that give the added touches) and making it ALL work for the client, that is the tougher part.

Some of my favourite WordPress Themes include: Arclite, Maze, and the one I’m using more and more… Headway Theme.

I have to be honest… I find WordPress good, but not great, as far as being able to customize layouts and “tweak” stuff.

Now that I have been using the Headway Theme for a month, it is challenging taking a step back with the limiting (albeit free) WordPress Themes !

With Headway, in particular, I enjoy the drag and drop functions, and being able to have the same column layout on multiple pages…  Adjust each column width…  Control the colour and fonts on every element on the Blog… and there are a ton of other features.

I’m sure the folks who love going in, and messing with the coding would love it even more than I do… but I’m not there.  I just know that I love being able to change stuff, and literally move it around the page, and see how it works.  It is a great innovation, and for me, well worth a few bucks investment, to make my Blog exactly how I want it !

I am always trying to find a way to integrate together my BobSongs Music Blog where I have my Songswith the BobSongs Musings Blog that you are now reading.

Through Headway, and being able to manipulate things easier and better, I am now able to run both webpages, and keep both similar, and yet different.

And, I see that a new version of Headway was released yesterday… I’ll be installing it in a few minutes, and I bet they’ve made it even better !!!