Giving Blood – It’s Fast, Easy, Fun & They Have Cookies…

Since before I was able to donate… (as a young teenager) …I have always wanted to give blood.Canadian Blood Services - It is in you to give -

It is the simplest of donations.

It costs NO money… just a bit of time.

Our bodies produce more blood than we need, so we can spare a bit.

And it helps others tremendously.

I said in the title, that it is fun.  That may be an overstatement, depending upon your definition.  Everyone is courteous, pleasant, caring, and extremely kind.  I like talking to people, and by golly, there are people there.  I have fun there… but I have fun most places.  Just in case, when you go… take your fun with you.

Why wouldn’t you want to do it ???

And yet a lot of people, don’t.


I’ve lost track of how many times I have donated… (back in the 80s, when it was ONLY tracked on the back of your Donor Card, I “lost” a dozen or so donations when my wallet was lost.) …my card says I’ve donated 31 times.

But I feel proud, every time I see a Canadian Blood Services ad.  It IS “in” me to Give.

Over the past few years, my donations have slowed, due to travel for work, and trips with family.

Both the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and the Shandong Province in China are considered areas where Malaria is found, and so I have to wait a year after returning from each trip.

So, last Friday was the anniversary of my departure from China, and I can give again.

My last three donations were in 2007, and before that, 2004.

The over-lapping travel schedules procluded me from giving blood in between.

But I should be able to get back to donating regularly, again.

And, if you are concerned, as I was, that a medication might make you ineligible to donate… (I take medicine for high cholesterol) …you just call up the 1-888-2-Donate number, and ask to speak to a nurse, and they will tell you whether your medications would prevent you from giving, or if you are okay to give Blood. (You can also go online and get different contact information for the Canadian Blood Services)

Canadian Blood Services - It is in you to give - BobBlahBlah.comIt makes me feel good, and it helps people in our community who are battling injuries or illnesses.

Think about your family and friends… Have NONE of them ever had a surgery, or treatment where they required a blood transfusion or a blood product ???

Give back…. it takes an hour, and each donation can save up to three lives.  You can donate again, every 56 days.

AND… (if you need further arm twisting…)

Canadian Blood Services - It is in you to give - Cookies -

At the end, you get cookies… juice… and a sticker that says “Be nice to me, I gave Blood today !!!”

Canadian Blood Services - It is in you to give -