Wordless Wednesday, Featuring Chloe Woodin…

Three Chords and the Truth by Chloe Woodin
11 by Chloe Woodin

In order to make another attempt at a Wordless Wednesday Blog entry, I resorted to badgering Chloe Woodin to allow me to post her photos.

I had received a framed picture of a guitar, as a Christmas present from her, and it is displayed proudly in my BobSongs Studio.

I pestered her into creating a Flickr Account, and posting some of her photos there.
In addition to having (IMO) a stunning eye for composition, she is an amazing talent, as shown by one of the pairs of Chuck’s All Stars she’s designed… and the pencil drawing of the Flower.  She also plays the piano amazingly well…  despite the fact that she is not yet out of High School.

88 by Chloe Woodin

88 by Chloe Woodin

It will be interesting to see what the future holds, with so many avenues open…


Only 10 by Chloe Woodin

Only 10 by Chloe Woodin


MWR-08 Shoes by Chloe Woodin

MWR-08 Shoes – Drawn on White Shoes by Chloe Woodin

Chloe's Flower - Pencil Sketch

Chloe’s Flower – Pencil Sketch