Clumsy ?  Check !!!

Uncoordinated ?  Yup !!!

Ungainly ?  Absolutely !!!

I proved all three points, earlier today, when I inserted my newly bandaged finger in a closing drawer.

Having taken some Tylenol, and yelled loud enough that I scared the cats, I am now prepared to involve my Blog followers, as well !

I’m not sure what it is about Sunday nights, but whether I’m working, or “off”… I have never slept well on Sunday nights.

So it was, this morning at 4 am, when I found my way to my desk, to work on some new songwriting marketing that I continued to do throughout the morning.

‘Round about 10 am, I was getting thirsty, so decided to go and put another pot of tea on, and grab a banana.

Those of you who have been faithful to the few previous posts will know that, last Friday, I underwent hand surgery, and have a small planet of bandage wrapped around the ring finger of my right hand.  And, yes, I am right-handed.

So, I go into the cutlery drawer, get a knife, close the drawer, turn to get the the banana, and think, “Oh, I need a spoon, as well.”  Stick my finger back into the drawer… I’m sure you can all see it coming…  just as it closes.

Well, I certainly didn’t need any caffeine for the next few hours.

Tylenol 3 and Motrin... my best friends !!!

Tylenol 3 and Motrin… my best friends !!!

And, my hunger went away too !

I’m now marketing the “Slam Your Finger In The Drawer” sure-fired weight-loss Program !!!

Look out, Jenny Craig !!!

Sheesh… It hurt !!!

(And yes, I said a LOT worse things than “Sheesh” !!!)

Both cats were eventually found, safe but cowering, under the upstairs bed.  They have a tendency to follow anyone who goes into the kitchen… just in case any food falls on the floor, and had been there to witness the self abuse.

I guess I had gotten a little self assured in my attitude, and wasn’t prepared to let the finger surgery slow me down…

Okay, rack one point to the ironic Gods of Karma and their “We’ll show him” campaign… I am officially chastened.

It is now a few hours later… Motrin and Tylenol 3 continue to work their magic, and tea is again called upon, to keep me vertical.

I shall try to be more careful with my recently patched finger… but I fear that it may be the subject of a few more posts, before the bandages come off !

I hope that “wraps it up” for today !!!

I’ll keep you posted !


At the end of this week, I will, single-handedly, write a post for my Blog.

Many of you will doubtlessly scoff at this, saying that you write in solitude every day.  T–hat is, in fact, the lot of the writer — to secrete yourself in a quiet burrow, in order to focus your thoughts.

Others are doubtlessly more social in their writing — demanding the buzz of activity and caffeine, in order to stimulate the muse.  (The free wifi doesn’t hurt either.)

As I write this, I’m sitting at David’s Tea on 4th Avenue, sipping a cup of Jumpy Monkey.

But I digress…

What I am mean to say, is that on Friday, I am having an operation to remove a bump from the ring finger of my right hand.  It is a bump that I have grown to know over a few years, and the doctors that have looked at it said, “Oh, that’s just a ganglion nerve”.

It never bothered me or affected me at all, until December, when it started getting bigger, and hurting.

Thus I found myself, after Christmas at the hand specialist, and he scheduled surgery for January 29th.  So I shall be working literally “single handedly.”

Apparently they are going to peel back a section of skin around my knuckle, and see what there is to see.

Hopefully whatever the thing is that is growing is not intertwined with the two nerves that run through that part of my finger.

If they have a problem, I guess I may be short-handed, as well as single-handed ???

C’mon, you’ve got to hand it to me, I’ve still got my sense of humour !!!

It’s official… I’m a real cut up.

It’s now the Saturday AFTER my surgery, my right arm is in a sling, and I’m not much of a Lefty!  But hopefully as you read this, I’m not the only one in stitches