Rats! - BobBlahBlah.comNot sure where they came from, but it appears that in this slow starting Summer, we have a few pesky vermin, who have moved into our neighbourhood.

And, from the fact that they have been expiring, I would say that one of my neighbours has taken exception to their existence, and has laid down (if not some law) some poisonous bait.

This isn’t really a surprise, as we have a number of OTHER neighbours who are wanting to go crunchy granola organic, and have begun composting, and I’m not sure that they have 100% vermin-proofed their steaming piles of compostal buffet.

However, that isn’t the crux of my blog…

I have rats.

Four dead rats.

Being a “play by the rules” kind of guy… I have made a number of phone calls.  A LOT of phone calls.  A SURPRISING number of phone calls.

A number of people have confirmed for me, that I am, indeed, not allowed to put them into my regular garbage, as they are considered hazardous waste.

However, no one is able to tell me what I CAN do with them !!!

I’ve talked to the Pitt Meadows City Hall.

They referred me to the Fraser Health Authority Main Office, who referred me to the Fraser Health Authority Tri-Cities Office, who patched me through to someone who was away for a week.

So I started fresh with Waste Management, who collect the garbage that I am not allowed to put the corpses into.  I knew they wouldn’t take it, but thought they might know where to put it… but they don’t.

I called the folks who are in charge of the Public Works, and they were away from their desks.  I didn’t leave a message.

Then I tried someone else, (and I’ll be honest, I lost track at this point) and they weren’t able to help me, but they did give me the number for the Animal Control department.

I talked to a wonderful lady there, and she said she would find out who is in charge.

Some time later, she called back, somewhat abashedly, and said that no one knows who is in charge of disposing of vermin… but they are having a meeting tomorrow, and after the meeting, she’ll come and get my rats, and she’s pretty sure it’ll get sorted out quickly, and a policy will be decided, once there are dead rats, sitting on someone’s desk.

Apparently I am the first person to EVER have a dead rat in Pitt Meadows.  (Pauses to bask in the glory.)

I’m not sure it’ll get me very far in life, to have *that* on a plaque on my desk… but at the least, I thought it blog-worthy.

Oh, and when they decide a policy on Vermin Disposal, and let me know ?

I’ll post the answer in a follow up blog, so whoever gets Rat number five, can have a head start !!!