Kony 2012 – Part II – Beyond Famous

Kony 2012 – Part II… Beyond Famous.


“A question of collective responsibility”

This morning, Invisible Children’s next video was released, with updated information, further answers to questions, and suggestions to move forward.

Watch the film. Share the film.

The Invisible Children Tsunami – Eleven Days Later

Eleven days after the world became aware of the StopKony video, I still believe in the Invisible Children cause.

  • Having watched the video.
  • Having listened to, and investigated the concerns that some raised.
  • Having watched the Official video reply.
  • Having watched an interview on Piers Morgan Tonight.
  • Having listened to/read the words of influential people (Oprah, Anderson Cooper, George Clooney) who have been talking about Joseph Kony and the LRA for years, and gaining no public traction.
  • And despite the life of one involved individual suddenly and sadly, very publicly, unraveling…

I support Invisible Children, and their #StopKony #Kony2012 #SurrenderKony movement.

I will continue to help support individuals in Africa to start and grow businesses, through Kiva Microloans.

kony2012-205I will continue (periodically) to electronically lobby law-makers and people of influence, in order to urge them to continue the support of keeping the 100 US Advisers, in Africa, to further assist and  help the local Governments in the region to endeavour to catch, and bring Joseph Kony to justice.

This campaign has been the subject of much debate, but I don’t see the downside of trying something new, considering that the Lord’s Resistance Army has been marauding the region, and terrorizing the people of various countries, for far too long.

It is well past a time where tyrants and mass murderers can operate without fear of the global community.  Whether in Syria, Kosovo, Darfur or Central Africa… failing to stop genocide is NO LONGER AN OPTION.

I believe if Joseph Kony lived in North America, he would have been found and brought to justice in mere weeks. But, sadly, the voiceless people of Central Africa have lived in fear for too long, and it is time for the atrocities of the LRA (as well as those in Sudan) to be brought to light, and to the attention of the world…  Further, the light needs to be kept there and held long enough to serve notice to our politicians that this is not a passing viral concern, gone next week, and must be addressed.

Yes, I am trying to help change the world with a few persistent mouse clicks.

I hope you will join me.



Joseph Kony and Doubters

As quickly as it came on the scene, people have started grumbling about the Joseph Kony “Kony2012” campaign.

The video was filmed over a succession of years, so, just like the hairstyles, some stuff is going to change.

Yes, Kony is no longer in Uganda, where he ruled the roost for many years.

(It says so at 15:03 of the video)

The folks at Invisible Children have posted a reply to some of the questions and concerns that have been floating around the interwebs.

You can read it HERE

Another endorsement was given by Oprah Winfrey, who donated “big dollars” in support of Invisible Children, and had the group on her show twice.

Some people may still have concerns about donating to this campaign.

Fine… then DON’T !!!

(Personally, my wife and I have adopted a foster child in Burkina Faso, and have made over 80 Kiva microloans… and I think Kiva is one of the best organizations going.)

But DO send an e-mail, post a Facebook comment or send a tweet to the 20 celebrities and 12 Political folk, to keep the pressure up.

NOBODY should have to live for 20+ years, with a maniac like Joseph Kony roaming free.