Job Search Black Hole…

I am sad, but my fears have been confirmed.

Regular readers will know that I am unemployed.

I quit my last job, a while back, and have been looking online and applying for positions on, Government of Canada Jobsite, Jobs604, Craigslist and lots of others.

Very few acknowledgements, and nothing that came to anything.

Today, my sweetie was reading the Metro Paper, and came across an article...

It says, in part:

Employment guidebook author Margaret Riley Dikel calls it a “black hole,” and Ford Myers, president of Career Potentials consulting firm, agrees.

“Very, very few online applications are ever read or responded to,” Myers says. “Good jobs don’t get posted in the first place.”

Greeeeeaaaaaaaat !!!

So, I’m writing this post, changing my direction, and getting back out into the world… Old School !!!

Like the song says:   Pick myself up…  Dust myself off… Start all over, again !!!


(I hope I have as much success as Fred and Ginger !!!)