Kony 2012 – Part II – Beyond Famous

Kony 2012 – Part II… Beyond Famous.


“A question of collective responsibility”

This morning, Invisible Children’s next video was released, with updated information, further answers to questions, and suggestions to move forward.

Watch the film. Share the film.

Joseph Kony 2012

The video below is about the most-wanted criminal in the world.


There are some brief shocking images in this video… but when you watch it, the most shocking thing was that I had no idea that one man could cause so much death, despair and horror… and still be anonymous.

Please watch the video through, and share it with your family, friends and those in power, through the links on the Kony2012.com website.

Click here to go to the website, to help spread awareness.

Joseph Kony - The most wanted man in the world kony2012-205

If, like me, you couldn’t believe that such a man could exist, without us knowing about him… here is a post about the LRA on Wikipedia.