Out From Underneath…

Hi, and welcome to BobSongs’ new home.

Yup, it is in transition, and there are a few things (images) missing…  right now.

As regular readers know, about a month ago, the Web Host where my Blog was hosted, made some stupid and irrational changes, and as a consequence, my Blog was offline for a few days.

When I returned, they were neither particularly apologetic, nor were they helpful… so they lost my business.

I am now with BillyHost, a local Web Hosting company who wants and appreciates my business… and most importantly, answers the phone.

I have brought a few friends along with me, and they are also enjoying their new hosting home.

I didn’t want to wait any longer for a reply for assistance, so I’m building the site from scratch…

I just wanted to get out from underneath.

I know… it is TOTALLY pig-headed and stupid… but I had been looking for an excuse to rebuild the website, and not wanting to wait around for help from my OLD Host was as good a one, as I could find.

I hope to have the bulk of stuff up soon.

If you come across something that you think I should know about, please e-mail me !!!