Marathons Are Tough…

I just finished a marathon.

My legs are rubbery, and I’m exhausted.

My back is sore,  my head aches slightly, and I need to move around to loosen up the stiffness that is forming in my joints.

Perhaps having greater impact, is the emotional path I followed, on the way.

Moments of unexpected laughter… moments when emotions welled up from nowhere… moments of quiet reflection.

I know there were times when I drifted… my thoughts a million miles away… taken there under the influence of something I had seen or heard.

We have all taken quick trips, and for 20 or so minutes, we venture into a different world.

This time, I dove in, and for six hours I travelled, toiling down roads I dared not travel before… each step taking me further along the way, and every picture that flies by, gives me another chapter, a deeper insight into the sights that are now becoming familiar.

Rarely have I come so far, so quickly, and, exhilarated, I know I shall do it again.

running -

This must be the Runner’s high.

However, I know there has been some cost.

I have missed hours of conversation with my sweetie, and my cats are looking at me as if they do not know who I am.

Yet, I am compelled to continue.

Motoring on, as only an automaton can, I feel no pain and will not stop for any reason.

In the words of Simon & Garfunkel… I am a rock.  I am an island.


My fluid intake has been substantial, but with my focus intense on my goal, I was blissfully unaware of my need to pee.

My food intake has similarly been substantial, largely consisting of salty and sweet carbohydrate-loaded morsels.

Bowls and bowls of morsels.

Focused on my task, I have remained unaware of my environment, and am only now becoming aware that the sun has set.

I have come full circle, and yet because of the ordeal, have some dis-orientation.

Not dizziness… just a re-acquiring of complete control over my faculties as I depart the world I have been intensely withdrawn in, and acquaint myself again with the real world at hand.

I have come a long, long way today.


Tomorrow, I will do it all again.

Having completed The Big Bang Theory marathon, our nieces have loaned us their copies of the first three seasons of How I Met Your Mother.

Love watching a complete series all at one sitting… it’s awesome !!!