MyVegas Game on Facebook

Recently, our family took a trip to Las Vegas, to celebrate my nieces 21st Birthday.MyVegas - How to play MyVegas -

While we were there, I saw a LOT of advertising at MGM Resort properties for a game called MyVegas, which (unlike most Casino games) is played on Facebook.

MyVegas - How to play MyVegas - BobBlahBlah.comThe difference being, that MyVegas is a Facebook game, played to win real-life Las Vegas rewards at MGM Resort properties.

There is no cost to play (other than you have to have a Facebook account) and, although you can BUY chips, so far I’ve played enough to get a couple of free show tickets (a couple of hundred dollar value) without buying anything.

Because it is SUCH a new game (there are new aspects to the promotion that were unveiled less than a week ago) it is constantly changing, which from a marketing geek’s perspective, is quite fun to watch them try to engage and maintain their customer’s interest.

I’ve got a website detailing some of my observations and findings at

Check it out, if it sounds like something you might be interested in !!!

(Getting stuff for free, is NEVER a bad thing, right ???)

Good luck !!!