I Love A Good Ad…

I love a good advertisement… or, if you will, I love a good ad.

In this week, where EVERYONE seems to be talking about the NEW Old Spice commercial, and the viral videos, in which he is answering fans questions, I’m going old school… and talking Print Ads. (Sorry the links don’t work, but Old Spice changes their website (seems like) weekly, and I’m tired of chasing them.

A lot of people would probably be surprised to know that my Desert Island book… (This being the Game, where you are only allowed to take ONE of anything to a desert island.) …would be Ogilvy on Advertising.  (And no, I don’t have shares in Amazon, and I’m not an affiliate.)

David Ogilvy, giant of the advertising world, is someone I dearly wish I had had an opportunity to meet.  (He passed away in 1999.)  His book certainly has entertained me for many years, and is always fresh, and contemporary… despite its vintage.

I wish more of today’s ad folks would “borrow” a page from the Ogilvy style.

Certainly, the ad company in charge of Old Spicea “Gee, my Dad used to wear that” Men’s fragrance… has embraced the sensibility of fun, and not only grabbed Social Media by the horns, but frankly, they turned it on its ear !

But, again, I didn’t start today to speak of that.

I recently came across an ad in Victoria’s Boulevard Magazine.

We were spending a weekend away in a lovely Bed and Breakfast on the Island, and this was one of the magazines left for guests.

On page 105, I was flipping through, and it caught my eye.  The tag line reads:

“It’s all in the details.

Go on, take a closer look.”

Harris Green ad

And some of you are doubtlessly looking at it, and saying…

“Uhhhh, Bob ???

We see liquor ads every day.

Sometimes for Jack Daniels.

So what ?!?”


Go on, take a closer look…

Brilliant !

Something that LOOKS like what they sell, but actually advertises their service.

I think this sets the Bar (hee hee) for Harris Green.

I wish I lived in Victoria, so that I could see their follow up campaign, and how it unveils itself.

Again, kudos to the Ad Agency.

Somebody earned their pay that day, and engaged and challenged the Readers.

We need more of that !!!