Protests And Making Change

Protests and creating awareness can take a lot of different forms.

From the “Occupy” folk, who physically place themselves into a place to draw attention… to changing an everyday item to reach and create a grassroots awareness.

Neither is “better”, each is effective in its own way.

Last night I came across a very subtle way of drawing attention to an issue.

A way of LITERALLY making change.

Protest - No Tankers - Loonie - BobBlahBlah.comIt seems someone took a bunch of loonies, and silk-screened an oil slick over the loon and water, displaying a link to the Dogwood Initiatives’ Online Petition –

They were sparkly shiny loonies, as the cashier had just broken open a new roll of coins.

I thought it was a very clever, well conceived and well executed concept.

It was, in a word… Slick!