Castle – A Great TV Show

Various sources have been nattering on at me about Nathan Fillion, for a long time.

A while back, there was a promotion at a store, where I got a free Castle Season 1 DVD.

As a mid-season replacement, the Castle TV Show came in, with a short season.

Being sick with a cold, I blasted through those ten shows in a mini-marathon that left me wanting more.

For those unfamiliar, Castle is the story of Richard Castle, a mystery writer, who, feeling there are no surprises left with his detective character, kills him off… but then is struck with writer’s blocks.   As the book is published, Castle is drawn into a “real-life” murder, where the victims are killed in manners that resemble those in his books.  In this way, Castle meets Detective Kate Beckett, and upon successfully concluding the case, Castle asks the Mayor (a fan of the writer) to be allowed to continue “tagging along” with Detective Beckett and her team, under the guise of research, but also because the lead characters are developing feelings for one another.

TV Show - Castle -


If you are a fan of smart-aleck, Rockford Files-type crime dramas where the character is startled and offended when punched, this is right up your alley.

I didn’t find it surprising to find out that one of the show-runners called Stephen J Cannell “Uncle Steve”

If you haven’t discovered Castle, you should check it out !!!