Good Friday #FollowFriday…

Hi –

Because it is a Holiday today, I, of course, woke up waaaay stupid early.

I thought that, rather than doing the Twitter #FF or #FollowFriday list, the traditional way, I would document my suggestions this week, in an expanded form… more than 140 Characters that Twitter usually allows.


@OwenGreaves – Owen Greaves is a smart, cutting edge fellow who talks about Business and Technology.  Forward thinker.  (Abbotsford)

@gmarkham – Mark Hamilton is a journalism prof at Kwantlen, and usually in the middle of smart debates.  (Vancouver)

@AnthonyFloyd – Anthony Floyd is a whip smart Tweep that is usually one of the first on top of information and stories. (Vancouver)

@RealReporter – Salim Jiwa goes not for fluff, but for the harder stories… and has brought them to us, on many platforms, for years.  (Vancouver)

@LisaSawyer317 – Lisa Sawyer knows a lot of good people, and adds a lot of great energy and inspiration on Twitter.  (Maine)

@AureliaCotta Plugged into Eastern Canadian Politics & issues.  (Toronto)

@JimBobbySez – Expressing loudly, the federal Liberal viewpoint.  (Nanticoke)

@StevestonSocial Kana is a great-hearted photographer, animal-lover and networker.  (Richmond)

@PeteQuily – Pete Quily delves into social media, politics and technology.  (Vancouver)

@TerryMcBride – Terry McBride is the Nettwerk Music Boss, and music industry maverick.  He is changing the business model of the Music Industry.  (Vancouver)

@RickHansenFdn – The Rick Hansen Foundation continues, 25 years on, to work on awareness of accessibility issues and Spinal Cord Injuries. (Vancouver)

@RickRake – Rick Rake is a retired print journalist from Abbotsford, who is busier than ever.  (Abbotsford)

@lacouvee – Janis Lacouvee is a scotch-drinking, arts-loving maven, who will shave her head to help people.  (Victoria)

@BuzzBishop – Broadcaster, dad and social media guy, formerly from Vancouver.  (Calgary)

@mashable – Pete Cashmore is a  Social Media and Trend guru.  (Scotland)

@Miss604 – Rebecca Bollwitt is plugged into what goes on, in Vancouver and the region.  (Vancouver)

@GlendaWH – Glenda Watson Hyatt lives with Cerebral Palsy, and reminds us about making the web and everyday life accessible.  (New Westminster)

@FredShadian – Fred Shadian is a guy taking on a different goal every year, and inspiring people every step of the way.  (North Vancouver)

@Kim23Supernova – Kim Woods is a lady trying to get her goals in life done early, so she can enjoy the ride !  (Toronto & Sarasota)

@SRobinsmith – Stacey Robinsmith – One of his many business cards says Political Junkie.  Also a fighter for the underdogs.  (Vancouver)

@CarolBrowne – Carol Brown is a wackycrafter, zany photographer, cat mom and pin collector.  (Vancouver)

@RoyAtkinson – Roy Atkinson is a renaissance man who throws out one LOL groaner, every day.  (Maine)

@BillyHost – Affordable and great-quality webhost and tech support in the Fraser Valley.  (Abbotsford)

@kk – Kris Krug is a self-described… “techartist, quasi-sage, cyberpunk anti-hero from the future”.  (Vancouver)

@DanGoodchild – Daniel Goodchild is another political junkie and techno guy.  (Niagara Falls)

@StacieBee – Heart on sleeve wearer.  (Vancouver)

@BarackObama – Inspiring change and making it happen, despite the doubters & the economy.  (Washington, DC)

@DavidSuzuki – David Suzuki’s bot, feeding nuggets from his various ventures and observations.  (Vancouver)

@craigkielburger – Craig Kielburger helped found Free the Children.  (Global)


These folks are not necessarily the Tweeps that I Tweet with the most, and I have not included any family or “friends.”

I have met a few of these Tweeps, I would like to meet them all, and have a Tea or a Scotch.

By including them, and NOT others, I mean no slight… it is just what I could come up with at 4:30 in the morning.

Follow them, go ye forth, and conquer the world.