Graham James Pardoned…

I’m riled.

I get that way sometimes, when I read about Bullies.

I was a small kid, but I was able to look after myself, a bit.  I could bluff my way out of fights, by saying I knew martial arts.

Some kids are not so lucky.

I just read a Canadian Press article, which says, in part:

OTTAWA — Graham James, the junior coach convicted of sexually abusing his players in a case that rocked the hockey world from house leagues to the NHL, has been pardoned by the National Parole Board, The Canadian Press has learned.

Though the pardon was granted three years ago, it comes to public light only now as a result of a previously unknown accuser contacting Winnipeg police.

A shocked Prime Minister’s Office, notified of the pardon by The Canadian Press, called it a “deeply troubling and gravely disturbing” development that demands an explanation from the parole board.

Graham James was a Junior Hockey coach, who plead GUILTY to sexually assaulting two former teenage players.

Graham James - Predator

Graham James – Photo: The Canadian Press

Other people have come forward to say that they were ALSO assaulted by James, including former NHL star Theoren Fleury.

I believe that, in some cases, if someone has “served their time”… then fair game, they should be able to integrate back into society.

All bets are off, when a Pedophile who has been convicted of sexually assaulting teenagers, asks for and gets a Pardon.

Pardon me, but SCREW that!


James whereabouts are currently unknown.

He could be living next door to your family… and even if a background check is run on him?

Apparently, because of the Pardon, his criminal record is kept in a separate file, and wouldn’t show on the CPIC system.  That’s the database where RCMP and other Police Departments do their checks.

I will next, be sending a letter to my MP, asking how it is possible that high profile sexual predators like Graham James can get what appears to be preferential treatment?

I would invite and suggest you do the same.

If you do not know who your Member of Parliament is, or how to contact them, you can get that information from the Government of Canada website:

I cannot believe that he was granted a Pardon… let alone OVER THREE YEARS AGO !

Tough on Crime?

When the Conservatives recently prorogued Parliament, they killed several Bills which would have strengthened the fight against predators like James.  True, he already has his Pardon, and is laughing, I’m sure, somewhere tonight, as the news breaks.

Tough on Crime?

My Aunt Fanny.

I’m riled, and I hope you are too!