Jean B’s Christmas Visit To Room 11…

Just arrived at the Sooke Harbour House for a few days away, and checked into Room 11, which is the Forager Room.

It is a beautiful room, with a lovely open feel… a great wood-burning fireplace… secluded patio… homey sitting area…

Well, here, you can see for yourself !

There are a number of nice touches, including complementary homemade cookies and port upon arrival.

As the various thoughtful touches revealed themselves, we discovered a Dream Journal.

Normally, I am the kind of guy who likes to believe that I was the first person to stay in any room… but in this case, it was a diary with a few entries made by some of the previous occupants of the room.

Most remark upon the beautiful setting, the wildlife, the garden and the wonderful staff.

Jean B‘s entry from December 25th, 2009, was very different.

It was her first stay here, since her husband of almost 61 years, had passed away.

“I’m finding it hard, being here alone.”

What a wonderful, courageous woman… striking out on her own, and following through with a tradition, shortly after her husband’s death.

Recently, through the internet, I came across the story of Shaira Holman, who is walking across Canada, in a Walk For Love, to honour her wife, Catherine White-Holman, who died in a plane crash last year.

Reading Jean’s words, gave this beautiful room a wonderful history… beyond being a beautiful room in an exquisite resort.

It made it a special, almost sacred place, where Jean and Don had stayed 35 times… often to celebrate their anniversary.

Like the feeling one gets sometimes, in a church, or a chapel… there was a sense of shared history… and shared joy.

Others have sat on the patio, and remarked upon a frolicking deer, or a lumbering weasel.

Some have been awakened by Otters, peering through the solarium windows.

Of all the words written in the Dream Journal, perhaps none are more poignant or powerful than the closing sentence of Jean’s entry…

“I’m glad I came.”

I have to go now.  I must try to find the words to write my entry in the Dream Journal… something that we can review, upon subsequent visits, and something that will hopefully bring a smile to Jean, the next time she visits.