The Voyeurs Guide To Things That Happen When I’m Away…

In December, I left my old job, and decided to start on a new and different career path.

I was having some issues with my hand, and so January was given over to hand surgery and the recovery, afterwards.

February was the Torch Relay, the Olympics and early March the Paralympics.

Because I had many things going on, and a supportive wife, I was able to take a bit of a holiday/rest/recuperation period.

When I was working, my wife and I would usually leave together in the morning, I would drop her at the train station, and would continue on to work.  On the way home from work, I would pick her up from the train station, and come home.  We were usually gone from 6:30 in the morning, until 5:45 at night.  We missed, most of the daytime activities in our neighbourhood.

While I have been home, there are many things I have learned about the neighbourhood we live in… that I had not learned in the previous 10 years.

School kids obviously have different hours, than when I was a kid.  Most of the schools seem to let the kids out at 2;30 or 2:45, depending on the age of the kids.

A younger child in our neighbourhood has a battery-powered ride-in car, that he LOVES.  They have obviously solved the battery life issue, because he rides it… ALL… DAY… LONG.  : )

If the Mail Carrier has a package for us, they do not check if folks are home… I guess because usually we aren’t.

Basketball (very popular when we moved in 10 years ago) has been replaced by Skateboards, in the hearts of neighbourhood children.

Some folks REALLY love their pressure washers.

I do not intend to sound dismissive or mean.

These are just some observations I have made while at home.

As I am spening more time at home, I’m sure that my neighbours are learning things about me, as well.

(I have NO IDEA what they would learn about me… but if any of them have blogs, I’ll forward the links!!!)

I have, however, learned things about my life.

My cats have NO concept of time, and any time I leave, and then return home – they come running, as they believe it is dinner time.  EVERY single time !!!

They also like to stretch out on the heated tile floor of my wife’s bathroom, and have their tummies scritched.


And this is where I hesitate.

My Blog has never been about gossip.

It is about the things I do, what I experience, and things I perceive to be factual.

Because I have been home more, and stopping to smell the flowers, I have been seeing things, previously unnoticed.

Most of what I have addressed above, comes under the broad heading of observations.

None of it is rude… None of it is particularly personal… and I have NEVER delved into the world of “peeping-through-blinds” voyeurism.

However, the other day, I came across a sight so unnatural… so… WRONG… that I could not help but to stop and stare.

I could not tear my gaze away from the couple, sharing their affection before me.

They were undeterred, and stared brazenly back.

By chance, I had my camera in my hand, and I raised it, questioningly… because I knew the world would question both my sanity and my veracity, if I did not have proof.

I took the steadfast stare as acquiescence.

I’m not sure if this was their first liaison… or if this has been on for some time.

Honestly, it is probably better that I don’t know.

One question answered only brings tumbling forth a hundred more, unanswered.

I was too disturbed at first to speak of it… but afterwards, I began to wonder if it is only my age, that makes me judge this as wrong ?

I believe myself to be a loving, open-minded liberal… and with that openness, I share with you my latest neighbourhood discovery.What Happens in Pitt Meadows, Stays in Pitt Meadows -

Maybe it’s best…  What happens in Pitt Meadows… STAYS in Pitt Meadows !!!