Tim Hortons’ Camp Day

Today (June 2nd) is Tim Horton’s Camp Day.

As thousands all over North America have already discovered, today is the day where buying a coffee at Tim Hortons, can help to send a kid to camp.

Tim Horton's Coffee

Tim Horton’s Coffee

Every penny from every cup of coffee sold today, goes to supporting programs that send kids to Tim Horton summer camps, all over North America.

“By purchasing a coffee on Camp Day, our customers give kids, who live in their very own community, an opportunity to experience a camping adventure that will inspire them for years to come,” says Bill Moir, President, Tim Horton Children’s Foundation.  “Together we can continue to foster within thousands of children the quest for a brighter future.”

Together, we can help a lot of kids have a better summer.

I frequently visit, but especially on Tim HortonsCamp Day I ALWAYS have time for Tim Hortons !!!

(Or DONATE through their website)

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