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I am a few days tardy on this post, but have been a busy boy the last few days !

Last Thursday, February 4th,  my wife and I were invited to White Rock, for an art opening at the White Rock Arts Council –  Public Gallery.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I’d never been there before… but we picked up folks along the way, and I was directed to Windsor Square, a medium size Strip mall, on 152nd Street.  I thought we must just be using the parking lot, as it was after shopping hours… but the Gallery is right in the Mall, which is Brilliant!

Bringing the opportunity for Shoppers to support and enjoy the Arts, and at the same time having a “Main Street” venue from which to base their events?  Brilliant!

White Rock Arts Council - Jude Remedios - Gallery Opening - Feb 4th 2010 - BobBlahBlah.com Upon walking into the Gallery Storefront, we were met by our White Rock Arts Council Hosts, who were serving wine, soft drinks and nibblies.

I took a brochure, and was amazed to see that beyond the gallery, the White Rock Arts Council also is extending itself into other areas, as well.  There are a series of Literary Events — the next being on February 25th.  There are also upcoming Music and Film Series, details of which are available on the website at: WhiteRockArtsCouncil.com

The Artist being featured in the Gallery was also in attendance that night, and her works were a study in contrasts and diversity!  Ranging from abstracts to nature-inspired images… I  have heard it said before… I don’t know much about art… but I know what I like… and I like Jude Remedios’s paintings !

She spoke briefly about the process of working on her Art, the different media she uses, and some of the inspiration for a few of the different pieces that were presented that evening.White Rock Arts Council - Jude Remedios - Gallery Opening - Feb 4th 2010 - BobBlahBlah.com

I had brought my camera, but failed to bring any memory cards, so only have a few poor quality Blackberry pictures, which will do nothing to share the intensity or vibrance of her work… but you can find a better representation of Jude Remedios’ artwork, on her website, at www.juderemedios.com

The Gallery Series is on until February 26th.

In addition to the art, the store also has other gifts, posters, bags and t-shirts available for purchase.

The Gallery is located at Windsor Square Mall – 1959 152nd Street, South Surrey.

The Gallery and Shop hours are: Tuesday – Friday from 10 am – 4 pm, and Saturday 11 am – 3pm.

Check it out, there are great things, in store !




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